I am interested in learning more about the human mind. The working of it and the way it is and what makes us unique in our own way. Does it change since the time it was created or the paths of life are already created long long ago and we are living what is it suppose to do in the scenario without any will or wish. Are we just floating around without any control or direction if everything is predetermined.

What does one make of the mind when a sensible mind ( What is sensible ?) makes the same mistake twice ? The mind has paths in its brain that has become personality like someone being completely insensitive and lack empathy ? What does one do when the same patterns occur again and again and the consequence have not impact on these pathways. It is said that age makes these pathways, but if these pathways cannot be rectified because some aspects like empathy or lack of empathy are permanent. Is it permanent ?

I watched half of Stephen Hawkings “Grand Design” and the initial episode we see a brain surgery, a little ayyee moment. But they show, that by passing electrical current into particular sections of the brain, arms, legs face can be moved. Does making a sad face trigger sad memories or vice versa. 

That also bring about a question about like minded, does that mean the electrical signals trigger for the same things among different sets of people. Does the electrical signal have a larger impact on some people than other. There must be something that is different about a mind of the curious and a non-curious ? or better a mind that just can’t relate to a mind that can relate. 


Disaster and Information

In a disaster scenario, how is the information about safety spread ? If I am in a disaster what would I expect and how should I behave and what should I be careful about.

Two aspects are important in my opinion, a means of transport and a means of communication. If these can be setup effectively and fast, the prolonged effects of a disaster can be reduced.

I think, railways is the most efficient means transport. Being able to transport large number of people over large distances. But railways as of today have railway tracks and railway tracks are not easy to lay ? If there is a effective way to lay tracks fast it could transport people out of into the disaster zone fast.


World Around

With the images of devastation around because of either way or natural catastrophes, I wonder if I can help someway to help. I know there are ways like donating money or probably even having the ability to physically present there; but is there a way one can contribute with using myself as a resource in the current space and time. In being having the ability to contribute as of where I stand currently in my house without having really to change anything I am doing right now.

For example, is it possible to donate money in ways that does not explicitly involve writing a cheque ? Like contributing a day’s electricity bill into charity as one example or some cause that you believe in like education, children health, research about batteries, nano technologies, saving the amazon forest.

My thoughts are not very mature as of now how to contribute to the world around in a way that it is right at this moment and I have the opportunity to contribute everyday and it is not a one time thing and I have continued interest and continued contribution.



First Christmas Tree

I have never had a Christmas tree of own and would have wanted one and decorate it. This year it is at home finally. I decided one morning on the way back after dropping my daughter at school to get it from nearby home depot. It cost 30$ for the tree and the stand and I made sure, I got the tree care instructions from guys. I have killed orchids and plants before, a tree kill is not a easy feat. Some water and sprite is all the tree needs !

All my friends and people I know were surprised that I got a real tree home, instead of the fake one. The ones that know me say “Its you, why do something the easy way, go for it”

Next the decorations. It takes a while to get it all decorated with snowflakes and the colored glass globes. It looks like this at the end and I must say I am quite happy with it. M is thrilled with the tree, actually her wish list for the presents and now that she knows she will get presents.

Christmas Tree 2013