World Around

With the images of devastation around because of either way or natural catastrophes, I wonder if I can help someway to help. I know there are ways like donating money or probably even having the ability to physically present there; but is there a way one can contribute with using myself as a resource in the current space and time. In being having the ability to contribute as of where I stand currently in my house without having really to change anything I am doing right now.

For example, is it possible to donate money in ways that does not explicitly involve writing a cheque ? Like contributing a day’s electricity bill into charity as one example or some cause that you believe in like education, children health, research about batteries, nano technologies, saving the amazon forest.

My thoughts are not very mature as of now how to contribute to the world around in a way that it is right at this moment and I have the opportunity to contribute everyday and it is not a one time thing and I have continued interest and continued contribution.




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