I am interested in learning more about the human mind. The working of it and the way it is and what makes us unique in our own way. Does it change since the time it was created or the paths of life are already created long long ago and we are living what is it suppose to do in the scenario without any will or wish. Are we just floating around without any control or direction if everything is predetermined.

What does one make of the mind when a sensible mind ( What is sensible ?) makes the same mistake twice ? The mind has paths in its brain that has become personality like someone being completely insensitive and lack empathy ? What does one do when the same patterns occur again and again and the consequence have not impact on these pathways. It is said that age makes these pathways, but if these pathways cannot be rectified because some aspects like empathy or lack of empathy are permanent. Is it permanent ?

I watched half of Stephen Hawkings “Grand Design” and the initial episode we see a brain surgery, a little ayyee moment. But they show, that by passing electrical current into particular sections of the brain, arms, legs face can be moved. Does making a sad face trigger sad memories or vice versa. 

That also bring about a question about like minded, does that mean the electrical signals trigger for the same things among different sets of people. Does the electrical signal have a larger impact on some people than other. There must be something that is different about a mind of the curious and a non-curious ? or better a mind that just can’t relate to a mind that can relate. 


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