NPR Show…

This radio show just shook me at my core. It makes me realize what happens and what can be and what is. How to have compassion for oneself. The authors voice is so authentic and so filled with what he feels. it is because it is real that it brings emotions. I shuddered at certain parts of the talk..gosh..I know things happen, but with a radio show and someone talking to you personally, it is like you can see it happen through your car windows..just out in the open…..I was listening to it driving.

The author edward-st-aubyn also states how someone can relate to through a book more than people in your life. How a book author who is dead now can clearly explain what you feel in words that yourself cannot form. The power of books is that it is a personal communication between the author and the reader.

Gathering the courage to listen to the radio show again…


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