Solvitur Ambulando

I got that phrase from Steve McCurry’s wordpress blog

Man..the pictures speak to you !

I was so restless after looking at the pictures, Had to go somewhere, a drive, a walk,  a long detour to conference room. Its hard to explain the feeling, the feeling of being free and so different from the people depicted yet so intune with their face and thoughts. Maybe its the colors and the look in their eyes and their surrounding is shocking, in a good sense.

There is movement in the pictures, there is the act of action and act of life in those pictures. Again struggling with trying to explain. One thing I know is, after looking at the pictures for an hour or so. I was ready to go. Go somewhere..anywhere..

A series of pictures from Steve McCurry about walking. The theme “solvitur ambulando”  (It is solved by walking) is something that I do sometimes. I paced in my cube like a lion because it takes too much time to go elsewhere. Works as a solution to solving a problem or clearing your head….