Learning Photography

There are  tons of book and material and advice around taking photographs. I have kind of browsed and read few of them. I did not realize that the basics concepts eluded me all this while. I concentrated more and more on the compositions and not on trying something to do with the manual setting of the camera. I would have to take about 20 pictures before I kind of got it right, changing the AV and Shutter speed setting multiple times. Now, it is fluke that it worked and I have the liberty to take as many pictures as I can and edit it later.

Few weeks ago, after reading a food blog that explained that pictures are key to a food blog, the basics of aperture, focal point and shutter speed concept and there relationship has sunk in. After that, I believe, I know what kind of change will be photograph undergo when I change the settings. I have a D90 nikon. Have is the photographs in manual mode and understanding what I was doing…


There are shadows in the pine cone picture that I should have gotten rid off, but in general the object is in focus and the background is blur, which is a affect that makes the photo all the more nice.

And finally the bulb mode setting for the moon


The food blog that helped me is  http://pinchofyum.com/

Highly recommending the food blog. They are the nicest people I have come across in terms of sharing information and their knowledge around. It was an eye opening read about the income they earn and the various contributing factors.


The example page that is listed in this website was enough for me to get started more solid than what I was before.


2 thoughts on “Learning Photography

  1. I really enjoyed how you added to your experiences to your subject discussions. I kept moving from category to category. I really liked Cars but the trip along Hwy 1 has been a dream of mine for a long time. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. I feel, I am experiencing the world for the first time. My wandering and and going with the flow is a capture in this blog. Thanks for reading my blog, Donna.

      The US-1 trip was amazing experience and anyone who lives in California, should attempt it. I can’t say enough about how California coast makes you feel, I truly feel lucky and fortunate to have had made this trip with my daughter.


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