Learning ISO

The other important aspect of photography among many others that drives the quality of the photo is the “iso”

ISO is the sensitivity of the film. The lower the sensitivity the lesser range of light passing through the camera will make a impact. 100 or 200 ISo is usually sufficient.

There is ISO lesser than 100 and a large range greater than 100 on the camera, like  3200. The really large ones are used in low light or night.

Learn to do the following

  • Learn to change from auto ISO to manual ISO.
  • Learn to change the ISO from 100 to 3200
  • Take one photo at 100 or 200 ISO with manually set aperture and shutter.
  • Take another photo at mid range somewhere mid range 800
  • Third and last photo at 3200 or 2000.

ISO – 100



ISO – 800



ISO – 2000




The ISO – 100 is what it really looks like. The ISO 800 looks bright and it does not look real, but I think it works. It has the illusion of a bright place. The last one ISO 2000 is too bright as if a flash has been used. I did not use flash.

Setting the ISO at 100-200 is right for photos that is daylight and outside. At night and in low light condition, high ISO’s with changing the shutter speed should help.


1) Set ISO at 800 and larger for a moon shot with shutter speed 10 or 20

2) Stiletto or a tree with a street lamp with ISO 800 and longer and shorter shutter speed.


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