Your sketch Book

If you are a thinker you need a book. You need a book to record your thought and ideas and plans and actions. This book will become your inspiration, your journal and your own novel.

As a child, I  had a scrapbook of all the newspaper articles and comic strips. They would be pasted and organized as I collect them. That scrapbook is the collection of everything that would inspire me and make me think. I remember having a newspaper clipping of the largest diamond on the world and its history . This was the highlight of weekend, scanning through the entire newspaper and waiting for dad to finish reading the newspaper and shredding it into pieces removing all precious material.



This sketch book of mine has helped morph imagination into reality. I write everything into this book, my notes about photograph idea to doodling, to drawing hydro electric plant and copying aboriginal arts from Australia and India.

It has been couple of months since I have started writing into this sketch book. I have projects for the next 2 years.

If you want to know yourself, have a sketch book !

The sketch book  should be plain/unruled sheets and of the right kind and not too white. The pen and pencil that I use to draw and write in it also has to be the right kind, not smooth and black. Some kinds of gel pens have this quality. It is important to get the sketch book of the kind you like. You scan look at the book, you feel good and it inspires you. It will evoke imagination and dreams and ideas you want to fulfill.

The one I have is


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