Prime Lens


There is a type of lens called “Prime Lens”. Plainly speaking or in simple term, these lenses have no zoom. They have a fixed zoom or view.

Some of these lenses are very expensive and but there are others for around 100-300$. The most commonly used prime lens is 50mm with f/1.4 or f/1.8.

To make the money worth, these lenses have superior quality material and it is configured for a single configuration, 50mm in this case, which makes the optics cater to one need and not many configuration like in a zoom lens.

These lens will help you take get great photographs. True in the case of things that are close to you like, almost hands reach as the prime focus object.

This lens should be all that you should take to a county fair, flowers, ocean and flower fields. The colors and the rendition of the background objects in a haze (bokeh)  for objects that are out of focus is just great. It is unmatched to what you get in a lens that zooms.

There is a lot of material on the web about these lens. Do read !

The lens that I have been using with my Nikon D90



About the pictures : My chopstick collection; the pretty ones are from Japanese Garden in Portland, Oregon. The second picture is Ikea study lamp. Pictures are unedited and lens used is 50mm at 1.8 and 100 and above shutter speed. I also changed the ISO to  2000.


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