Pelican Travels



I went out trying to capture the ocean and learn more taking outdoor camera settings.

I am quite happy with these pelican shots. Did not see them coming and was a surprise. However, the camera was on monochrome mode instead of standard 😦  I cannot work any more on them in terms of color and enhancing them.

So, working with color pictures and then converting them to monochrome would be a better option than having it in monochrome. Lesson for a beginner at photography.

Feel good to have captured the pelican’s travelling !

To have the pelican’s come in a row like that was a chance. Wonder about some of the amazing shots of National Geographic, like the leopard running straight towards the camera. Those must have required thousands of try’s. First, the camera’s need to be placed correctly, second the leopard should be in a mood to chase some animal around that area. Third, the light and the settings of the camera. To have all these aspects go together is pretty tough.

We have never seen the ones that could not be captured in a photograph…



Note: No editing attempted on any of the pictures. The pictures were taken in monochrome mode with polarizer and uv filters.


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