Reach Out…


“Nothing happens until something moves.”
Albert Einstein




M’s Wish List..

  1. Russian Doll
  2. Stuffed Teddy
  3. Stuffed Dog Toy
  4. Stuffed Animal

The Russian dolls was difficult to find. The stuff toys will join to the tea party that M has and all of them are served tea and cookies. It is a sight ! Some 15 of them.

M’s has instructions for me, she wants pie for Santa, hot cocoa and carrots for the Reindeer. They are to be kept near the fireplace. There is a card for Santa that shows M and Santa under a tree looking at butterflies.

My friends are quiet serious people or it takes a lot of make them laugh. A friend called last year around the Christmas time and I was asking about “What does one put in the stockings and its purpose “, and M overheard all this and she asks “Mommy, are you talking to Santa”.  He was ROFL. Until then I did not realize that  Santa is real for M and I should not take it lightly and stick to whatever M’s plans  🙂


Coronado Sunset

Coronado, San Diego…

Lens used – 50mm prime. Not a good choice for this kind of landscape photographs. I have got the hang of completely shooting in manual mode. Its been a month of just using the manual setting for taking photographs. Most of the photographs try’s are because I am unable to get the lines aligned. The ocean horizon is slant and not perfectly aligned and I have to reject the photograph. Need patience to align the photo correctly.

I want to publish a series of collection “Doors”, when I get enough samples. Got a couple today and will actively photograph doors .

There is always something behind doors !

One such interesting collection !

A while ago I had seen some interior books of Marrakesh that had amazing display of doors and windows. I won’t have as many, but capturing doors seems like a good idea.

Trans Siberian, Mongolian

This travel is in my wish list.

What does one do on a train for days ?  photographs on a speeding trains all day ?  Or get off the trains and be lost  for few days until the next train arrives.