Kale Mushroom Egg Rice


I wanted to incorporate kale into my diet. The nutrients  http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/vegetables-and-vegetable-products/2461/2.

The next new addition to my food choice this year is brown rice.   If you have left over bowl of rice or frozen rice, it is perfect for this dish.

You can also substitute the rice with noodles. Udon or ramen noodles.

As vegetables, I have Kale, mushrooms, green onions, onions. Eggs as a source of protein and egg and rice go well.

I will also use just one cooking pan for everything, cooking in batches. You can make either of the batch before or after, but do make the eggs last as they don’t need much heat.

I like using spices on the rice and will use paprika power ( chilli powder), tumeric and cumin.

For Brown Rice

  • 1 cup brown rice ( leftover rice, frozen or fresh cooked rice)
  • Chilli powder
  • Tumeric Powder
  • Cumin powder
  • Onions chopped
  • Salt

For kale and mushroom

  • Chopped Kale
  • Sliced Mushroom
  • Chopped Onions
  • Salt and Pepper

For Eggs

  • 2 large eggs
  • Salt and Pepper
  • green onions


Lets start…

  • Heat pan and add in olive oil. Add in the chopped onions (spare some for the rice, a small quantity) and let it start to brown at the edges. Add in the chopped mushroom and stir. The liquid from the mushroom be used for Kale cooking. Add in the kale, and stir it every few minutes for about 5 minutes. If it does not look raw, it is done.

Pour out this into a serving dish.

  • Add in some olive oil and  chopped onions. Let it brown at the edges. Add in a 1/8 tsp of tumeric 4 *1/8 tsp paprika powder and 2 *1/8 tsp cumin power and stir. Add in the rice and stir well. Add salt to season the rice and a squeeze of lemon juice. You can also add couple of tsp of soy sauce for a different flavor.

Pour the rice on top of the Kale Mushroom.

  • Add in couple of tsp of olive oil and add in the eggs. Eggs are cooked on low heat so, you can shut down the heat at this stage if you have a electric stove or reduce the heat to low. Add salt and pepper to season and chopped green onions. Let the eggs cook in the low heat for a bit and it should be done.

Mix the three parts of the cooking cycle together. You can mix all of them together or serve then in three parts like shown in the rice.

The total time to cook is around 15-20 minutes and would server 2 people.




Have been working like couple of hours in a week with a bunch of office colleagues on building a robot. I finally got it working !

It has a sensor for distance and when it gets too close to the wall, it will reverse for some distance and try going forward again. This is done in a loop manner. There is no steering in this robot, so turning using stepper motors was not possible.

I used arduino with a ultrasonic distance sensor and motor control. There is M’s lego that has wheels and a trailer that are carrying the arduino board and the connections.  The blue cylindrical component is the battery. I use this to charge my phone on the go something and it was perfect for this use instead of regular batteries.

The coding for this is very simple, however most of the time is spent making the connections and waiting for ordered parts to come. If I could sit outside “Fry’s” or some electronic place that has the parts, it could all have been done in couple of days.

Next I think I will spend the 2 hours trying to build the drone/copter for flying and it would avoid obstacles. This will be a tougher challenge than what I have done till now.


Th title is inspired by this little child who was playing in the water, watched over by the father.  Tiny against the water of the ocean but curious to explore the incoming wave.

After couple of weeks of being sick or busy with taking care of M (who also was sick for a bit). It’s nice to get out and watch the colors of San Diego.


Note: Pictures are unedited and taken with a 50mm lens in manual mode. Not getting the horizon perfectly aligned is a problem.


There is this quote from Ayn Rand’s book that has always stayed with me. Maybe it was the moment in time that I was reading the book or what thoughts were on my mind…

This is from Irina, a girl who is sentenced to imprisonment in Siberia and knows that she will never return.

“There is something I would like to understand. And I don’t think anyone can explain it …..There’s your life. You begin it, feeling that it’s something so precious and rare, so beautiful that it’s like a sacred treasure. Now it’s over, and it doesn’t make any difference to anyone, and it isn’t that they are indifferent, it’s just that they don’t know, they don’t know what it means, that treasure of mine, and there’s something about it that they should understand. I don’t understand it myself, but there’s something that should be understood by all of us. Only what is it? What?”
Ayn Rand, We the Living




Elizabeth Holmes

Any human wanting to reduce suffering, pain is a great Individual.  A person capable of making it possible is a  Revolutionary and Elizabeth Holmes is one such person. For someone who started on this quest so young, she is brave and truly out to make the world that she thinks it should be.

Here is her TED Talk..

And the new article.



She started so young at a age when most of us is figuring out the world and wondering what my crush/guy is doing and how I fit it to the classroom etc. I mean all that is important but can’t be all that one’s world revolves around. Her background to some extent makes it possible. However there would be other people in her family who have the same opportunity but won’t use it.  The individual makes it happen and the support system around you, either help or not. However, usually the revolutionary seeks out people who will make it possible ! Like how Elizabeth Holmes did.

If you are going to only wade in the shallow waters, deep dive into the ocean will remain a dream. The sooner you take the dive into the ocean the more you can explore and your true self shows.

Now, in the process of making the blood analyzers and the tests, she makes billions of dollars, it should be least of the consequences. She has spend some last 10 years of her life and probably working as much as 15-16 hours a day. She needs the money to backup her thoughts and her work. That is the way the world works. If you could bring about change fundamentally without the use of money, she probably would have done it  !

I don’t think it is possible without having a resource as money to bring about a revolution. The other resource are the people around you and work with you. They make it possible !



Tad bit of ranting…

When I read the comments on youtube, I don’t know what to say ! There is someone who says “I want to F* her”. “Gosh”,  does the person who wrote such comment have an ounce of sense. When you catch some disease, this women is pretty much going to save you in some form or the other if you had the time to see the video. You don’t want to disrespect a person like that. There is another person who says “Cut the sad stories” or something like that. Now, again if someone like Elizabeth Holmes wants to say something that is used to connect to people that may seem a little sad, but it should be overlooked and the overall the message should echo in your head. Having a opinion is good, but it also shows who you are and your intellectual brain capacity, so it is more so important that you come across as someone with a well developed and well read brain and not shallow where everything around you is to please you.