I have to take a few more of these beautiful trees and flowers that bloom around spring time. The slogan is “Look at me !”. So I do :-),  everyday.

These wonderful flowers and the trees that bloom flowers on every inch of itself must make the birds and butterflies very happy. The colors and the position and shape plays such an important role that could mean survival or death.

Do we bloom to the best of ourselves ? I think it takes time but we get there ! So trust in yourself and the world to help you. The world will see your colors the day you bloom.

Note: The photos are taken with a 50mm lens and not editing attempted.


Wow, Cars !

A real hot sunny day in San Diego !

Unplanned walk to Home Depot and I see these amazing cars on display. Marvelous piece of engineering machines that have provided humans who are not the fastest animal to reach places. Is there any other animal that uses equipment to travel ? I have to look this up.

Some cars were parked very close to each other. Individual shots was not an option. The owners treat the cars as their babies 🙂 always have an eye on them.


Note: Photos are unedited and with manual setting.

Do you and me see the same green ?


Do you and the next person see the same green ? Have you thought about it.

I have been listening to the radiolab episodes for weeks now going over their archives. One of the popular episodes is Colors .

I don’t know, there might be a relation between the particular configuration of cones our eyes that makes a photo or real venue feel more alive and beautiful. The photo is more appreciated and has a stronger impact !

I am sure these barriers are broken by other aesthetic elements of the photos, like anyone would be super excited to see a whale tail a dancing storks, baby elephants. If you take the color of the whale fin or baby elephant and incorporate into a photo, would it make it more appealing ? I would doubt so, but never know how another person would perceive the colors.  There sure would be someone who would find that photo beautiful, probably not you or the next person !