Weekend at Seattle

  • Wine tasting
  • Walking around kirkland downtown
  • Wonderful food and dessert
  • Watching water and skyline

Note: Photos are unedited and with S’s Canon camera. Canon is really good. I have a nikon.


Signs of Spring !

Day at San Diego Safari Park !

Highlights were the butterfly on display.  There were about 12 variety of butterfly on display. I could not get clear picture of most of them. The place is really crowded on weekends. Perhaps early morning on weekday is a good option for some alone time with the butterfly.

The photograph with hundreds of butterfly is from a trip to Pismo beach on California Coast – Year 2014 beginning. These are the monarch butterly that migrate hundreds of miles It is hard to believe that a fragile butterfly travel further than most humans do in their lifetime ( not everyone ! )

Since I do little editing to no editing to my photographs, I am struggling with the white balance setting; I normally prefer the “shady” setting, however, sometimes it is way too yellow and I am forced to adjust the white balance on Gimp.

Note: Photos are unedited except the pismo beach one for contrast.