Have been working like couple of hours in a week with a bunch of office colleagues on building a robot. I finally got it working !

It has a sensor for distance and when it gets too close to the wall, it will reverse for some distance and try going forward again. This is done in a loop manner. There is no steering in this robot, so turning using stepper motors was not possible.

I used arduino with a ultrasonic distance sensor and motor control. There is M’s lego that has wheels and a trailer that are carrying the arduino board and the connections.  The blue cylindrical component is the battery. I use this to charge my phone on the go something and it was perfect for this use instead of regular batteries.

The coding for this is very simple, however most of the time is spent making the connections and waiting for ordered parts to come. If I could sit outside “Fry’s” or some electronic place that has the parts, it could all have been done in couple of days.

Next I think I will spend the 2 hours trying to build the drone/copter for flying and it would avoid obstacles. This will be a tougher challenge than what I have done till now.