Have been working like couple of hours in a week with a bunch of office colleagues on building a robot. I finally got it working !

It has a sensor for distance and when it gets too close to the wall, it will reverse for some distance and try going forward again. This is done in a loop manner. There is no steering in this robot, so turning using stepper motors was not possible.

I used arduino with a ultrasonic distance sensor and motor control. There is M’s lego that has wheels and a trailer that are carrying the arduino board and the connections.  The blue cylindrical component is the battery. I use this to charge my phone on the go something and it was perfect for this use instead of regular batteries.

The coding for this is very simple, however most of the time is spent making the connections and waiting for ordered parts to come. If I could sit outside “Fry’s” or some electronic place that has the parts, it could all have been done in couple of days.

Next I think I will spend the 2 hours trying to build the drone/copter for flying and it would avoid obstacles. This will be a tougher challenge than what I have done till now.


Elizabeth Holmes

Any human wanting to reduce suffering, pain is a great Individual.  A person capable of making it possible is a  Revolutionary and Elizabeth Holmes is one such person. For someone who started on this quest so young, she is brave and truly out to make the world that she thinks it should be.

Here is her TED Talk..

And the new article.


She started so young at a age when most of us is figuring out the world and wondering what my crush/guy is doing and how I fit it to the classroom etc. I mean all that is important but can’t be all that one’s world revolves around. Her background to some extent makes it possible. However there would be other people in her family who have the same opportunity but won’t use it.  The individual makes it happen and the support system around you, either help or not. However, usually the revolutionary seeks out people who will make it possible ! Like how Elizabeth Holmes did.

If you are going to only wade in the shallow waters, deep dive into the ocean will remain a dream. The sooner you take the dive into the ocean the more you can explore and your true self shows.

Now, in the process of making the blood analyzers and the tests, she makes billions of dollars, it should be least of the consequences. She has spend some last 10 years of her life and probably working as much as 15-16 hours a day. She needs the money to backup her thoughts and her work. That is the way the world works. If you could bring about change fundamentally without the use of money, she probably would have done it  !

I don’t think it is possible without having a resource as money to bring about a revolution. The other resource are the people around you and work with you. They make it possible !



Tad bit of ranting…

When I read the comments on youtube, I don’t know what to say ! There is someone who says “I want to F* her”. “Gosh”,  does the person who wrote such comment have an ounce of sense. When you catch some disease, this women is pretty much going to save you in some form or the other if you had the time to see the video. You don’t want to disrespect a person like that. There is another person who says “Cut the sad stories” or something like that. Now, again if someone like Elizabeth Holmes wants to say something that is used to connect to people that may seem a little sad, but it should be overlooked and the overall the message should echo in your head. Having a opinion is good, but it also shows who you are and your intellectual brain capacity, so it is more so important that you come across as someone with a well developed and well read brain and not shallow where everything around you is to please you.

Trans Siberian, Mongolian

This travel is in my wish list.

What does one do on a train for days ?  photographs on a speeding trains all day ?  Or get off the trains and be lost  for few days until the next train arrives.


Your sketch Book

If you are a thinker you need a book. You need a book to record your thought and ideas and plans and actions. This book will become your inspiration, your journal and your own novel.

As a child, I  had a scrapbook of all the newspaper articles and comic strips. They would be pasted and organized as I collect them. That scrapbook is the collection of everything that would inspire me and make me think. I remember having a newspaper clipping of the largest diamond on the world and its history . This was the highlight of weekend, scanning through the entire newspaper and waiting for dad to finish reading the newspaper and shredding it into pieces removing all precious material.



This sketch book of mine has helped morph imagination into reality. I write everything into this book, my notes about photograph idea to doodling, to drawing hydro electric plant and copying aboriginal arts from Australia and India.

It has been couple of months since I have started writing into this sketch book. I have projects for the next 2 years.

If you want to know yourself, have a sketch book !

The sketch book  should be plain/unruled sheets and of the right kind and not too white. The pen and pencil that I use to draw and write in it also has to be the right kind, not smooth and black. Some kinds of gel pens have this quality. It is important to get the sketch book of the kind you like. You scan look at the book, you feel good and it inspires you. It will evoke imagination and dreams and ideas you want to fulfill.

The one I have is

Solvitur Ambulando

I got that phrase from Steve McCurry’s wordpress blog

Man..the pictures speak to you !

I was so restless after looking at the pictures, Had to go somewhere, a drive, a walk,  a long detour to conference room. Its hard to explain the feeling, the feeling of being free and so different from the people depicted yet so intune with their face and thoughts. Maybe its the colors and the look in their eyes and their surrounding is shocking, in a good sense.

There is movement in the pictures, there is the act of action and act of life in those pictures. Again struggling with trying to explain. One thing I know is, after looking at the pictures for an hour or so. I was ready to go. Go somewhere..anywhere..

A series of pictures from Steve McCurry about walking. The theme “solvitur ambulando”  (It is solved by walking) is something that I do sometimes. I paced in my cube like a lion because it takes too much time to go elsewhere. Works as a solution to solving a problem or clearing your head….