Today’s music highlight of the aimless driving. Why follow the beaten path and return home; and the sound system in the car is awesome ! 


Do you and me see the same green ?


Do you and the next person see the same green ? Have you thought about it.

I have been listening to the radiolab episodes for weeks now going over their archives. One of the popular episodes is Colors .

I don’t know, there might be a relation between the particular configuration of cones our eyes that makes a photo or real venue feel more alive and beautiful. The photo is more appreciated and has a stronger impact !

I am sure these barriers are broken by other aesthetic elements of the photos, like anyone would be super excited to see a whale tail a dancing storks, baby elephants. If you take the color of the whale fin or baby elephant and incorporate into a photo, would it make it more appealing ? I would doubt so, but never know how another person would perceive the colors.  There sure would be someone who would find that photo beautiful, probably not you or the next person !


There is this quote from Ayn Rand’s book that has always stayed with me. Maybe it was the moment in time that I was reading the book or what thoughts were on my mind…

This is from Irina, a girl who is sentenced to imprisonment in Siberia and knows that she will never return.

“There is something I would like to understand. And I don’t think anyone can explain it …..There’s your life. You begin it, feeling that it’s something so precious and rare, so beautiful that it’s like a sacred treasure. Now it’s over, and it doesn’t make any difference to anyone, and it isn’t that they are indifferent, it’s just that they don’t know, they don’t know what it means, that treasure of mine, and there’s something about it that they should understand. I don’t understand it myself, but there’s something that should be understood by all of us. Only what is it? What?”
Ayn Rand, We the Living




Elizabeth Holmes

Any human wanting to reduce suffering, pain is a great Individual.  A person capable of making it possible is a  Revolutionary and Elizabeth Holmes is one such person. For someone who started on this quest so young, she is brave and truly out to make the world that she thinks it should be.

Here is her TED Talk..

And the new article.



She started so young at a age when most of us is figuring out the world and wondering what my crush/guy is doing and how I fit it to the classroom etc. I mean all that is important but can’t be all that one’s world revolves around. Her background to some extent makes it possible. However there would be other people in her family who have the same opportunity but won’t use it.  The individual makes it happen and the support system around you, either help or not. However, usually the revolutionary seeks out people who will make it possible ! Like how Elizabeth Holmes did.

If you are going to only wade in the shallow waters, deep dive into the ocean will remain a dream. The sooner you take the dive into the ocean the more you can explore and your true self shows.

Now, in the process of making the blood analyzers and the tests, she makes billions of dollars, it should be least of the consequences. She has spend some last 10 years of her life and probably working as much as 15-16 hours a day. She needs the money to backup her thoughts and her work. That is the way the world works. If you could bring about change fundamentally without the use of money, she probably would have done it  !

I don’t think it is possible without having a resource as money to bring about a revolution. The other resource are the people around you and work with you. They make it possible !



Tad bit of ranting…

When I read the comments on youtube, I don’t know what to say ! There is someone who says “I want to F* her”. “Gosh”,  does the person who wrote such comment have an ounce of sense. When you catch some disease, this women is pretty much going to save you in some form or the other if you had the time to see the video. You don’t want to disrespect a person like that. There is another person who says “Cut the sad stories” or something like that. Now, again if someone like Elizabeth Holmes wants to say something that is used to connect to people that may seem a little sad, but it should be overlooked and the overall the message should echo in your head. Having a opinion is good, but it also shows who you are and your intellectual brain capacity, so it is more so important that you come across as someone with a well developed and well read brain and not shallow where everything around you is to please you.