Markets of Karnataka and Jaipur. 

Karnataka markets is called Santhe ( Farmers market held once a week ). Makeshift open tents provide cover. You could get almost everything – fresh venerable, snacks, utensils, flowers, spices 


Door – 1

There is a different world behind every door. 

Photo location : Jaipur streets near Hawa Mahal. 

Wandering the streets and absorbing all that is around you. People going about their day, colors, conversations…the sky, sounds..close your eyes and relive the moment..

Doors are fascinating subject ! Visually and gateway to new worlds.. 

500 miles..

Signs of Spring !

Day at San Diego Safari Park !

Highlights were the butterfly on display.  There were about 12 variety of butterfly on display. I could not get clear picture of most of them. The place is really crowded on weekends. Perhaps early morning on weekday is a good option for some alone time with the butterfly.

The photograph with hundreds of butterfly is from a trip to Pismo beach on California Coast – Year 2014 beginning. These are the monarch butterly that migrate hundreds of miles It is hard to believe that a fragile butterfly travel further than most humans do in their lifetime ( not everyone ! )

Since I do little editing to no editing to my photographs, I am struggling with the white balance setting; I normally prefer the “shady” setting, however, sometimes it is way too yellow and I am forced to adjust the white balance on Gimp.

Note: Photos are unedited except the pismo beach one for contrast.


I have to take a few more of these beautiful trees and flowers that bloom around spring time. The slogan is “Look at me !”. So I do :-),  everyday.

These wonderful flowers and the trees that bloom flowers on every inch of itself must make the birds and butterflies very happy. The colors and the position and shape plays such an important role that could mean survival or death.

Do we bloom to the best of ourselves ? I think it takes time but we get there ! So trust in yourself and the world to help you. The world will see your colors the day you bloom.

Note: The photos are taken with a 50mm lens and not editing attempted.